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Caribe Sky Canopy Tour

Roatan, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras
from/per person $89
  • 2 Hours
  • Transport Included
  • Tour guide


Caribe Sky Canopy Tour

ZipLine Tour Roatan — Caribe Sky


Imagine yourself at the top of a tropical rainforest. In this scene, the sun is warm and vegetation is flourishing. Beyond the tree top canopy, not too far from you, there’s a bright turquoise ocean that stretches to the horizon. Its waves are gentle and its breeze is refreshing. As you soak in these surroundings, you can’t help but smile. The playful sounds of monkeys gibbering, parrots squawking, and birds chirping make you feel alive.

Sounds like paradise, right?


With Caribe Sky Canopy Tour, this kind of ultimate paradise experience is within your grasp. That’s because we take people—just like you—on an exciting Roatán canopy tour that allows them to explore the jungle while riding on a zipline. It’s the perfect way to see native species of exotic birds, reptiles, and other rainforest creatures. Best of all, it’s fun.

Every year, thousands of travelers flock to Roatán to enjoy white sandy beaches and scuba diving in the island’s spectacular reefs. But the island has another face that’s less known. Nestled off the coast of Honduras—in between Belize and the Cayman Islands—our Caribbean Sea hideaway is home to an incredible tropical rainforest. To help visitors discover this hidden gem, we offer family-friendly Roatán tours that allow visitors to ride over rainforest areas. It’s an awesome experience you simply can’t get from Roatán excursions on the ground.

Never ziplined before? That’s okay. Our Roatán canopy tour isn’t just for experienced thrill-seekers. Many of our customers are first-timers. Thanks to our friendly staff and patient instructors, beginners of all ages feel comfortable trying their first zipline with us.

Here’s how our Roatán tours work:

Training. When you arrive at our facilities, our expert instructors will brief you on the tour, safety, and help you wear your gear. After the training, you’ll be shuttled to the first platform.

Practice. When you’re ready to start, you will have two guides that will accompany you during the tour at all times

Touch the sky. Once you feel like a pro, the only thing left to do is to step off the first platform. When you do, you’ll be on your way to exploring over 7000 feet of amazing rainforest views.

At Caribe Sky Canopy Tour, safety always comes first. Each of our guides is safety certified and has gone through 300 hours of strict training. The design and construction of our lines is also top-notch. Our course adheres to ACCT standards (Association for Challenge Course Technology), which is a requirement of all major ship lines when recommending companies like ours for Roatán cruise tours.

From head protecting helmets to safety harnesses, all of our equipment is brand-new. We are able to guarantee safety by buying only the best and most recognized brands for these kinds of activities. To give you additional peace of mind, our sturdy ½ inch double parallel cables are made out of stainless steel. Each cable is safely held by poles and trees that have protective, stress-resistant barriers.

You’re in good hands. While on the course, guides and zipliners are connected to a safety line at all times. No one is ever untied while on the platform. You also have control of your speed while riding. That’s because each rider has a hand braking system. Guides also have the ability to apply brakes from the platform. Both mechanisms help control your speed while approaching the end of a line.

If you’re looking for Roatán cruise tours, this is the perfect opportunity to get off the beaten path. We accept all major credit cards as well as cash (US Dollars & Honduran Lempiras) at our entrance ranch.

When looking for Roatán cruise excursions, keep in mind that we gladly pick-up and drop-off ship passengers. We know you have a schedule to keep, so we make sure to get you back to your cruise ship on time for departure. We also provide pick-ups and drop-offs for those staying overnight on the island who are looking for unique Roatán Honduras excursions. Our shuttle service is included in the price for groups of 2 people or more.

So why wait?

Book your Roatán zipline adventure today.
Then get ready to have some fun!

Ref.Codes: Extreme Zip Line #RT86


Minimum Age: 5 years 
Maximum weight: 250 pounds

Things to bring

What to Bring: 
• SeaPass card and photo identification 
• Sun protection 
• Cash/credit cards 
• Backpack or fanny pack 

What to Wear:
• Closed-toe shoes 


Important Notes:
• Guests must consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate. 
• Guests with pre-existing neck, back, knee and/or shoulder injuries, cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, other heart or respiratory conditions or any other medical condition must take particular caution when selecting a tour - particularly tours categorized as "strenuous". 
• Guests who have concerns must consult with their personal physician before engaging in any activity that may be strenuous for them. 
• Pregnant women and guests with back/neck problems should not select this tour. 
• Guests with recent surgery, heart problems, respiratory problems or people who are afraid of heights should not select this tour. 
• Guests taking medication that might impair regular movement and body activity such as anti-depressants, beta-blockers and base (vein) constrictors should not select this tour. 
• Guests require full use of both arms and legs to participate in zipline. 
• Guests may do the canopy adventure individually or attached to guide.

Booking: 2 people minimum
Cancellation policy: full deposit refund when cancelled 48 hours or more in advance.


Note: schedules are indicative and different arrangements can be made to better serve you. When in doubt, please inquire - we'll be glad to help.


7 Reviews

- 31 Oct 2015 -

Trish L Sachse, Texas

"zip line adventure"
I don't like heights so was very leary of being able to do this. Plus I am no spring chicken any more. But we were with grandkids and they wanted to do it. I survived and it was really lots of fun. An experience I will be able to talk about again and again.Thanks for making it fun and safe.We had a great team and guides were fun.Visited June 2015

- 16 Oct 2015 -

dumbkid0 Houston, Texas

"Extreme Caribe Zip Line Tour - Royal Caribbean excursion"
Booked this tour when we docked in Roatan, we were on Navigator of the Sea.The tour started at around 1PM, we were picked up by a van from the dock. It was about a 15 mins drive up hill into the "jungle" thru muddy terrain (the driver knew how to drift in mud, it was fun). On our way to the zip line platforms, we got to see local housing, stores, the power/telephone lines, and traffic. However, the tour guide kept us busy by telling us things about Honduras/Roatan.There was a waiver we needed to sign during the van ride. It's an "extreme" excursion after all :)When we arrived at the starting point, it was a hut where they provided water, place fo leave our stuff, and a bathroom facility. Before we started, they suited us up with harness and a pair of gloves. One of the gloves had extra leather for "breaking". Don't worry, they will also give a safety talk and how to do "zip lining for dummy."I am not giving the details of the zip line part, because it will be extremely fun to experience yourself!TIP: wear long pants (harness may be uncomfortable with shorts), and tennis shoes no flip flops, bring pocket camera / phone but put in pockets where you can zip or button up (plenty of opportunities to take photos / vidoes while you are in the platforms). Go as a couple or in pairs, wear bug repellants or long sleeves. Bring cash for tips. Last but not least, enjoy the scenery and scream as loud as you can! :)Visited October 2015

- 5 Oct 2015 -

TexanMade Dallas, Texas

"Best Excursion Ever!!!!"
We booked this excursion thru Royal Caribbean on our stop at Roatan. Even though I have done a zip line course before, it was no more than 30 feet. This, on the other hand, was 300+ feet in the air, which was a little intimidating....ok, a lot intimidating. But the staff were amazing and they take good care of you. Our guides, Franklin and Juan Carlos were the best! They made sure everyone was safe and had fun. If you were uncomfortable with going across by yourself, one of them would go with you. Although those people were eagerly going across by themselves after the 3rd or 4th zip line. One thing to note is there is a bit of a hike to get to one of the platforms. It is very steep and the steps are uneven and kind of high. The guides do not rush you at all. They tell you to take your time, they will wait for you. They have little bags of water that you can drink when you get to the top. Just bite a hole in the bag and drink up. On one of the easier and shorter zip lines, they will let you do a trick if you want. Some people opted to go upside down, I just wanted to let go of the zip line and stretch out my arms like I was flying. So much fun. One of the zip lines (I believe the 2nd one) is called OMG. It was very fast. Then the OMG2, was the highest and longest and had the best view. You see the ocean and it is absolutely breathtaking.They allow you to take your camera, but it must be in a secure place. Otherwise anything you bring, you can give to the front desk attendant to put in the back. I gave them my backpack, but kept my purse with me. It was a small travel purse that went across the body.After you are done, you can get a cool drink (water or soda) with the drink ticket that is included on the tour. There is a bathroom there also.This tour is highly recommended!!Visited October 2015

- 20 Sep 2015 -

Aaron B Scottsdale, Arizona

"Had a blast"
Our family and one of our daughters friends did this as an excursion while we were in Roatan. This was extremely fun. The guides we had were very entertaining. The safety equipment was in great condition and worked well. I highly recommend this activityVisited March 2015

- 15 Sep 2015 -

Christina D Metairie, Louisiana

"So much fun"
They came and picked us up(good thing because its a sketchy drive) the van smelled horrible but oh well. The zipline was amazing. I felt like it was just enough time. We got to go upside down if we wanted and really experience the jungle. The guys loved messing with us but it added to the fun! I would HIGHLY recommend. I've done zipline before, but never this good. All different types of lines for a full experience. Also, they take pictures/videos the entire time for you on your phone so you don't have to buy themVisited August 2015

- 7 Sep 2015 -

J D San Diego, California

"Excellent Staff - Felt Very Safe"
This was the first time we had ever gone zip lining. The staff was really friendly, helpful and encouraging. They were also pranksters as we got more comfortable on the lines. They were really quick with getting us undone and then hooking us up to the next line. You can tell they have a lot of experience. There were 12 lines, some longer than others but all with amazing views.Visited September 2015

- 24 Aug 2015 -

Bruce B Houston, Texas, United States

"Exceeded our high expectations!"
We were expecting amazing views and exhilarating rides, and we certainly got that (and even more). What really helped to make this an above and beyond experience were the guides. They knew exactly what they were doing and took care of everyone. Their interactions with the guests was very fun, with a lot of jokes and appropriate teasing, but all the time they were still professional and courteous.So expect amazing views of the jungle from above (and from within) with the Caribbean nearby. There were 12 runs (18 platforms), with everything from long, high rides over the jungle, to shorter, exhilarating "speed runs" into the jungle.Just really had a great time, and again, can't say enough about the staff and guides.